“Play The Vulnerable Girl!” Wait, What?

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Vulnerable: “Someone who is weak and without protection, with the result that they are easily hurt…”

Vulnerable: “Open to moral attack, criticism, temptation…”

Vulnerable is just not in my vocabulary, and I will never define myself as if I was.

These days, flirting opens up a broad array of games – and for girls one of them is acting like they are fragile and naive.

A few people from a large spectrum of ages have told me to play that sweet, little vulnerable girl that we can too easily associated with stereotypes. Even though, their real personality expresses the opposite.

It has brought me into this weird dilemma: Where some women that I saw as my mentors and inspirations for their truthfulness, their leadership and their engagement to promote gender equality left behind their uniqueness in their intimate relationships.

Their speeches were so persuasive that they convinced me to try to pretend to be someone that I’m not.

Results??? I felt guilty to lie to myself and the person sitting in front of me, I felt awkward trying to mimic expressions that weren’t mine - I was out of touch with my sincere persona.

New Era - Girls’ Phenomena

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We’re now in 2018: Sorry guys if I know what I want, that my career is my priority, and that I don’t mind letting you know if you mess it up or went over my limit of what is respectful.  

Being honest and frank is who I am; There should not be filters to love and be loved back.

Stay real, 


P.S. Girls, your aspiration to find real love should be as eloquent than the one to attain your professional goals. Live in color, throw love around like confetti.