February: the month of love. This is the month that you get to celebrate your significant other, your family, your friends, and most importantly, yourself. While spending quality time with everyone else, you should pamper yourself a little extra this month as well. Indulge in and support local brands that are (hand)made with love and that take inspiring initiatives. And of course, support these wonderful women entrepreneurs! These are amazing Canadian brands and women that also deserve our love.

This is dedicated to you and to these ultimate girl bosses!

Spirit of Vera is a Toronto-based company founded by an amazing silversmith! She makes handcrafted jewelry out of recycled sterling silver that are sourced from post-consumer goods, such as old jewelry, silverware, electronics, car parts, and security tags among other things! These delicate, minimalist pieces are also recycled in an environmental way with absolutely no runoff or CO2 production during the process. I own three of her rings (see photo - flat top, twist, simple band rings) and will continue to support her amazing shop!



wellDunn is a modern bohemian jewelry company based in and handcrafted  in Montreal. Its missions, as stated on its website, are to:

1) promote handmade production [and] local ethical labor #MADEINCANADA;

2) support indie boutiques around the globe #SHOPLOCAL;

3) empower women and support women entrepreneurship #GIRLBOSS.”

Thank you Dominique Dunn, founder and owner, for striving for these great social goals!

BKIND mask.jpg


If you are looking for skin care products that are natural, biodegradable, plant-based, and not tested on animals, this is your brand! In addition to that, its packaging is made from recyclable materials. To further reduce their carbon footprint, local deliveries are made by BIKE! The founder, Marilyne Bouchard, is the ultimate girlboss!



Another amazing eco-beauty company: Rose Citron is founded by Roxanne! She offers handmade, 100% natural, vegan, and cruelty-free products. The company is striving to source all its ingredients from organic and fair-trade agriculture. It is also making efforts in reducing its waste to eventually be zero waste ! All its packaging is recyclable and its products are made from local Quebec resources (whenever possible). Roxanne is an exemplary entrepreneur!

Founded by designer Sofia Sokoloff, this Canadian-made indie lingerie brand values high standards of craftsmanship. It follows an ethical production model and promotes body positivity, diversity of shapes, and self-confidence. You will constantly be inspired by this team of strong women!

There are many other brands out there, and I am always on the lookout. What other brands are socially responsible and making greener choices, that you would love to share?

Yours truly,