Meet the TRTeam: Deanna


Stay real to yourself and follow your passions is the mantra that enlights her success!

The first time that I met Deanna, I knew that there was something special with her and somehow we shared the same vision of life. Even if we seemed so different...

A week later, we’ve met on a one-on-one date at Cafe Parvis. Both one of our favorite places for a casual Wednesday. No reservation, we just made our way in.

It felt like reconnecting with an old friend that I haven’t seen for years. The conversation was fluid and I was able to open up to her as if she was my best friend.

Deanna is one of the most driven and passionate person I have the chance to encounter in my life.

From a full-time student majoring in English literature with a triple minor in Communications, Political Science, and History to a barre class instructor at Enso Yoga, she has a trillion of other projects going on at the same time! In her typical day (8 am to 8 pm, 7 days a week) every second is counted.

She told me that smoothies were actually her favorite meal right now because it was the healthiest grab and go option - as we were devouring our margarita pizza. Overwhelmed you think? Not at all, she savoures every day in her life by doing all the things that she loves! Social media coordinator, content creator, fashionista, trainer, this is Deanna in her part-time; She will be graduating this Spring from McGill University! For me, Deanna is someone who already figured it out everything in life.

Stay real to yourself and follow your passions is the mantra that enlights her success!

Since we were in February, “love” was in the air and it was just after we both delivered our article related to this topic. Deanna truly in love, but went through in such a complex history (you should definitely read her fairytale love story) that she understands every girl’s reality.

If you could just have listen to her wonderful V-day barre playlist. The ultimate one hour that goes through every stage of romance - from For You (Fifty Shades Freed) to Girls Run the World (Beyoncé). A clash of emotions that I could relate to. :)

Deanna is this Cinderella Princess that will transform herself real quick into that Spiritual Gangster. Letting people know her from inside-out rather than outside-in.

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Stay real,