Meet the TRTeam: Simone


It was honest, matter-of-fact and vulnerable with a focus on loving yourself first.

Simone met me at Café Parvis for our interview and we mutually decided to skip the script. We bought drinks, had dinner and caught up after a long day running around Montreal.

The restaurant was bustling and the pizza was amazing, but the best part was being able to connect. The minute I saw she was playing Dopamine by BORNS on her phone, I knew it would be a good night.

Simone calls Montreal home. Her mother and aunt began in the fashion business and run an incredibly successful boutique off of de la Montagne called Marie Saint Pierre. Her mother works on the business side and her aunt is the creative genius. It explains why her style is sharp, sophisticated and modern.

She’s been surrounded by these prominent female role models her whole life and has her own personal aspirations in business.

Not so much in fashion, she claims, but she’s looking to break out into different areas of Marketing and Communications in entertainment. I am incredibly excited and will definitely be following up to see if she’s gone to any amazing shows in the near future.

This is all incredibly impressive and yet, Simone is only in her second year at Concordia’s JMSB! She knows how to hustle.

Currently, she’s working with a team on a case competition. The focus is on the art of freelancing, and the way the freelance world looks today. While this kept her March Break from really being a break, it’s something she’s been passionate about and enjoys pursuing in full. Blogging is also something she’s worked on before, but That’sRealTalk really captured her eye and she’s excited to have a new platform to voice her ideas (and there are many coming!).

Her latest article, an incredibly blunt must-read, is all about “games”. We chatted at length about the complications of modern dating- the do’s and don’t’s, the bad advice, ghosting and the search for an honest romance in a big city. We laughed because my article on my romance began the Valentine’s month for That’sRealTalk and her badass, self-affirmation of an article closed February. It was lovely being able to cheers over how all the strange dates, different guys, and difficulties of love come and go. What matters, we agreed, is working on you and discovering your passion.

In the beginning, she was nervous about the release of the article. She knew it could be controversial and that her message wasn’t the most positive. After having read it, I really cheered.

It was honest, matter-of-fact and vulnerable with a focus on loving yourself first.

I believe these are the things young women need to hear, and seeing the bad advice she’d been given by role models in the past, this article is incredibly important!

Speaking of, we were able to bond over yoga and wellness! A strong advocate for yoga exercise, Simone sees the activity as an amazing work out and stress-reliever after a long day of work! Of course, we pointed out that a casual drink with a friend definitely helps also!

Aside from her business hustle, Simone loves taking time to travel. Most recently, she visited NYC, and usually goes a couple times a year.

Overall, she was hilarious, charming and loved sharing a meal. Here’s to meeting interesting women with vibrant stories, and hopefully to many more drinks with good friends. Cheers!

Follow Simone on insta for more updates on her life in the city: @sissie.lussier :)

Stay real,