Meet the TRTeam: Carmen

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Try something that makes you nervous and understand what you really want to do.

Hello, Shanice here!

I had the pleasure of interviewing That’s Real Talk contributor, Carmen! With our busy schedules, we eventually found the time to e-talk (as I am in Montréal, and she, in Toronto) and we definitely shared some common traits. She is a foodie, an adventurer, and a *workaholic* like me! 

Why did you decide to join That’s Real Talk and what are your goals/objectives?

I was looking for a creative outlet to write more about lifestyle related topics. I love how TRT is about being authentic, talking about real things and having no filter *nothing pretentious.* I also wanted to share my life experiences to hopefully empower other females as well!

Have you blogged before or done something similar?

I have blogged for my own business and guest-blogged for others in the industry. This is my first time blogging as a contributor for other people. 

So I know you are a mom. You have also mentioned to us that you were a workaholic. How do you find a balance or time for yourself? *I honestly feel like this is my future - I am definitely a workaholic haha*

It is hard and to be honest, I don’t have much time for myself.  I do my gel nails once a month and massages every few weeks, and that’s time for myself. It is hard to organize a girl’s night with my friends too, as everyone has a busy life, and kids are always a priority. I am also hoping to start going to the gym (putting it out here to make myself accountable).

What other things do you love doing on your spare time?  

I love traveling! We used to travel a lot with our older daughter.  We’ve been to Asia, Europe and a few other cities in the US. I’m hoping to do the same with our younger one. I also love exploring our city, attending art shows and exhibitions, and visiting new restaurants - I am a foodie and the camera eats first! 

And if you weren’t working in your current position/job, what would you be doing?

Hmm... I really don’t know how to answer this one. I guess anything that involves project management skills and working with people.  

Now, what are some fun facts about yourself?

  1. I can sleep anytime and anywhere. I can even fall asleep after a coffee.
  2. I love eating... and I can snack after eating a big meal.
  3. I love lining up to try out new restaurants… according to my husband.
  4. I am a multi-tasker. My brain never stops. It is not always good to multi-task but when you have so much responsibilities and not enough time in a day, this is your only choice.

What is one of your guilty pleasures? It could be food, movies, shows, etc.

Designer shoes and bags. This is a treat for myself if I meet my goals. I usually splurge on something once or maybe twice a year, depending on what it is.  My regular guilty pleasures include bubble tea… and I crave for it VERY often. *Who doesn’t love bubble tea tbh*

Finally, being in a different life-cycle stage, what are some tips/recommendations you would give someone my age that you wish you had done?  

Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone. Sometimes what you study in university is not by choice and it is okay. Network and talk to people in different industries to figure out what you want to do. Try something that makes you nervous and understand what you really want to do. Travel as much as you can (within your own means).


There is so much more to learn about Carmen! I can’t wait to read her articles and gain insight on what it is like to lead a busy lifestyle… and how to cope! If you have more questions for the beautiful Carmen, leave your comments below!

Stay Real,

Shanice x


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