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The moon also symbolizes many things, such as enlightenment and female energy/power, and I love those meanings.

Hi everyone, it's Carmen!

Allow me to introduce Shanice. One of the coolest girl that I've met.  We met as we're both on the TRTeam, and she has inspired me in a lot of different ways.  Having friends in different age group allows me to hear and see things from different perspective.  I wish I was motivated like her when I was her age.

She discovered her interests in fashion and taught herself how to sew when she was nine years old. Now she creates her own design and up-cycle clothing from old or pre-loved pieces.  She also self-taught herself a few other things, such as guitar, bass, ukulele, tumbling/gymnastic, just to name a few.  She is definitely a go-getter.

Here are a few fun facts about Shanice:   


  1. I went on a volunteer trip on my own last summer to the Philippines, where my parents are from. It was a life-changing experience, and I met amazing locals and people from all around the world. I definitely recommend it and I would love to do it again!
  2. I love to dance and I used to take hip-hop classes. I might get back into it, but for now, my friend and I try to recreate choreographies on YouTube (which is kind of tough haha).
  3. I LOVE wolves, and that led me to having a tattoo of moon phases on my right forearm. I was thinking of getting a wolf tattoo on my outer thigh, but I was not ready to fully commit at that time. So I got the closest thing. The moon also symbolizes many things, such as enlightenment and female energy/power, and I love those meanings.

Why did you decide to join TRT? What are your goals/objectives; what do you want to get out of it?

I decided to join TRT because of what it represents: real talk for real women written by real women. I think it is a very interesting platform, and even as a contributor, I am also an avid reader. I look forward to everyone else’s articles!

I love the sense of community it creates and the conversations that can follow every article. I am also a big advocate for sustainable and slow fashion, and with this platform, I want to promote sustainability to a wider audience, and hopefully inspire others to make changes. My ultimate goal is to inspire change, but also be inspired by amazing women.

Have you blogged before or done something similar?

I have not officially blogged before. It is fairly new. I have written articles before, but they were one-time things. I have recently started an Instagram to promote my sustainable and slow fashion journey, with mini blog-like captions. I think that’s the closest thing to consistent blogging that I have done. I think writing is also very therapeutic, and with TRT, I wish to improve my writing skills and be able to freely share what’s on my mind.

Things that you love to do in your spare time?

On my spare time, I love to watch movies (alone or with other people)! I also love to read books, up-cycle clothes, dance, do yoga, and especially explore new places (e.g. a neighbourhood, a restaurant, a café, a new vintage/thrift store, a park, a city, etc.)! I also recently bought a DSLR camera, so I have been playing around with it and trying to take as many shots, but it’s a little harder in the winter, because I prefer taking shots outdoors and it is INSANELY cold.

What motivates you?

Anything that I am passionate about truly pushes me and motivates me. If you didn’t know already, I am really passionate about sustainability, especially in the fashion industry. Social change is another thing that motivates me. However, it’s really easy for me to be a workaholic when these two are involved!

What habit do you have now that you wish you started much earlier?

Washing my dishes right after using them. It’s simple, but I know that if I do not do them right away, they will pile up and be in my sink for days.

Describe what your dream job is like.

This is a tough one! I have no specifics, but anything that involves the fashion industry, sustainability, social impact, and going international; being able to work with inspiring people while working on change.

Where are some unusual places you’ve been?

This is a good question! I think what makes a place unusual is the people. And I don’t mean it in a negative way. I can’t think of a particular place in mind, but I guess any very touristic spot and how everyone behaves. When I was in El Nido last summer, on that famous street which I can’t recall the name, where all the stores, and hotels were, right by the ocean, it was very interesting to see the interactions between locals and foreigners and their behaviours.

What’s the hardest you’ve ever worked?

Definitely at this stage of my life where I am transitioning from school to my career or “adulting” as many like to put it. I have been trying to gain experience in my field, working at different companies, working on my Instagram, and different projects, while trying to do my best in my graduating year. I have also just moved out in July 2017. So I have been going through some big changes.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Simple, doing what I love. ;)


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