A note from the editor.

 Photo by Kate Antonova

Photo by Kate Antonova

Hi, hi, hello.

It’s Dahye, the person lurking you on Instagram and working the backend to publish the content created by our TRTeam.  

What a crazy year 2018 has been already.

This post should have been up earlier, but I was focusing on the operations side to make sure this new platform was running smoothly. Three months in, I kinda sorta got the hang of the workflow and learning curve, so here I am! Finally speaking to you beautiful people.

First, let’s take a deeeeeeep breath together.

In through the nose,








out through the mouth.







I want to take this time to explain why TRT was created in the first place.

This platform is a culmination of thoughts and conversations I've had over the past two years or so. I’ve been blogging on heydahye.com for seven years now, and I had this growing frustration inside of me with the current state of social media and blogging.

As I was in the midst of university, I went through some personal challenges and general blue times as is normal for anyone going through transition phases. I had times where I felt confused, like I had no direction and was losing touch with my true self by all the pressure and opinions around me.

I knew I could not be alone in feeling this way, but turning to people I look up to online, I could not find the refuge or inspiration I was seeking. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE fashion and beauty and youtube, haul videos, etc… this is still so fun for me.

But what about when I feel confused? What do I do when I start dating someone? How do I declare a major? Where does the job search start? How do I start cooking for myself? Am I alone? 

The internet is a POWERHOUSE to connect people around the world, and we already use it to share our highlights and beautiful memories.

I felt like there is a gap in sharing our real stories. This is life, and although we live our own reality, we can all connect on the universal emotions that come from challenges and triumphs, success and disappointments. Sharing this vulnerable side is what creates genuine connection, and so why is social media not facilitating this? Are we not ready for it yet?

I decided to stop waiting around for the perfect platform I could turn to, and just freaking start one.

We are so lucky to be living in this exciting time where we are just now learning how to harness social media and the internet to make life BETTER. It is a tool, and if used with the right intentions and strategy, the possibilities are limitless.

I am so proud and thankful to have a team of EIGHT diverse, intelligent, and wise TRTeam contributors.

These humans approached me, as they resonated with the platform’s mission of no-Bullsh*t, real advice, and humor. 

If we can add any value to your life by sharing our stories and experiences, then our mission is accomplished.

I want to remind you that anything that is shared online is a two-way street. The content’s real value comes from the connection between the creator intent and the receiver’s reaction. So THANK YOU for connecting with us and joining the conversation.

Real talk for real women, by real women.

That’s real talk.

Stay real,



talk to us: hi@thatsrealtalk.com