Chronic Fatigue + Final Season = A+

I have been diagnosed with chronic fatigue when I started University and since then I’ve practically become the queen of siesta! I never skip a day without at least a power nap or 90 minutes of beauty sleep.

As the semester comes to an end, I always find myself more tired because of my health condition plus the load of stress related to school (which I’m sure every student can relate to). It has a direct impact on my level of productivity, understanding and memorization skills. The best deal to crush those finals…

However, throughout these past two years, I was able to put in place a routine that helped me make the most out of my study sessions.

So, to all university students who enjoy siestas as much as I do, here’s a little guideline to help you go through the last study rush before Summer season with a peaceful state of mind!


1. Red bulls for the “wannabe nerds” or sweet dreams?

The clock strikes midnight and the dilemma that we all face every semester comes haunting you again: Should I reboot myself on fake energy (aka Red Bull) to continue studying for this final tomorrow morning or pass out in bed? Chances are that you didn’t cover all the material yet and feel anxious entering the exam without having reviewed everything.

True fact, I have better grades when I study LESS!

That’s right, less stressed, well rested, all the content that I haven’t had time to review comes to my mind more easily rather than if I was exhausted from having over-studied the night before.

Sweet dreams, it’s not a compromise!


2. Studying at home the whole day? PJ’s as your #OOTD!

How do you feel when you spend the day in PJ’s?

Probably, relaxed, Zen or just in a good mood!  Why not then affiliate this positive energy to when you are studying? Adding this little twist to your study day can also be seen as a sort of reward and boost your motivation by reducing your level of procrastination. Plus, it’s also convenient if you want to take a power nap between two study sessions.


3. Clear up your mind, meditation is key

Feeling like you’re just filling your head with some information that you don’t even understand anymore? Pause. Shut down your computer and phone for an hour. Go for a run or a walk, take the time to reconnect with yourself. You’ll see, everything will be clearer.

Follow the mantra: “Fresh body, fit mind!”


Stay real,