Sustainable Women Who Inspire Me

This month of May, I am presenting two incredible women who inspire me day in and day out.

I admire women who are fighting for social and environmental change. I hope reading this will allow you to learn a little more about these awesome women and will inspire you as well! I believe that every small act counts and serves as a catalyst for bigger things...

Lauren Singer

is a blogger (Trash is for Tossers), entrepreneur, and environmental activist who promotes a zero waste lifestyle and educates her readers about it. In fact, she keeps all her trash in one small glass jar – 5 years (and counting) worth of trash. I admire her because, not only does she love the environment, but she also takes action and changes her own environmental footprint.

From documenting her zero waste journey to starting her own company called Package Free Shop, she shows that “leading a Zero Waste lifestyle is simple, cost-effective, timely, fun, [and] entirely possible for everyone and anyone.” In addition to the tips that she provides, I find myself researching items and brands more often, and trying to find that sustainable option that will help me move towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

It’s about making one small change at a time!

 photo courtesy of Trash is for Tossers

photo courtesy of Trash is for Tossers

Emma Watson,

famously known for her role as Hermione Grainger in Harry Potter, is an activist who is committed to everything that she believes in: women empowerment, education, and the environment.

In terms of sustainability, she takes her red carpet looks to the next level, creating and wearing dresses from fabric scraps, and being part of the Green Carpet challenge. For her 2016 Met Gala outfit, she created a gown made from recycled plastic bottles! Plus, while promoting Beauty and the Beast, she created a separate Instagram account (@the_press_tour) that showcases her outfits promoting sustainable and fair clothing items and brands. *And if you still didn’t know by now, sustainability and fair trade in fashion is something that I strive for!*

For women’s rights, she has traveled the world speaking to influential people. She was named the U.N. Women Goodwill Ambassador in 2014, with the purpose of fighting discrimination against women. She even started a feminist book club called Our Shared Shelf. If you love reading like I do, add these recommended books to your must-read list and join!

 photo courtesy of Getty Image

photo courtesy of Getty Image

Who inspires you?

There are many strong women out there, including friends and family, who do great things, either small or big, and have a powerful impact on those who surround them.

Be inspired and inspire others!


Stay real,



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