3 Apps you need for your next bucket list destination!

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 Summer is basically here, and if you're fresh out of school- you might be thinking "what now?"

Look no further because I have a list of apps and websites that are able to help your trip planning be a lot more smoother than it seems!


1. Hopper

I was first introduced to Hopper probably around 3 years ago when I was thinking of where to go for my grad trip.

Hopper is an app that visually tells you when the low and peak seasons are for every month through colours that symbolize price ranges (red being high, low being green). It has tremendously helped me out by allowing me to purchase tickets in the matter of minutes! There is a $10 commission fee, but from experience, I was having a harder time on the actual airline website purchasing the same tickets in attempt to avoid the commission fee from Hopper- and spent 5x the amount of time as well.

My favourite aspect about this app is that it will notify you when price drops, share their predictions on price changes, and also tells you should buy the ticket! 


2. Skyscanner

Like Hopper, Skyscanner also "scans" through the average prices for every month, and even has a "cheapest month" option when you're browsing! I would recommend this app if you would like to see which dates are the cheapest! You also have the option to send yourself alerts when there are price changes.


3. Hostelworld

Hostelworld was a life saver when I was backpacking with my friends around South East Asia! It's the cheapest, and most efficient way to find a place that's affordable, and safe (given that you've done your research and read through the reviews).

Back when I was a student, paying for hotels weren't realistic when the cost of the airfare was probably cheaper. Definitely do your research, read the reviews, and judge from the photos (and ratings) if the hostel is for you, and you're set!


Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever used any of these apps or how they’ve helped our your summer vacation!


Cheers xx

- Natalie