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Guilty as charged.

Sometimes, *many times*, I have unnecessarily packed too many outfits and shoes.

Carrying a heavy bag and roaming around the city with an unnecessarily big luggage, before I could check-in at my Airbnb, was a hassle… But with this accumulated knowledge learned from many other travelers and friends, I gladly share some of these tips on packing for your next vacation!

Of course, this will depend on your destination - packing for colder places will involve bulkier items and might require more “luggage organization”, but take this as a simple, general guide!


Here are the tips that I find useful and are easy to follow:


Tip #1 – Bring a smaller bag or carry-on than what you would normally bring.

We tend to over pack when we have a bigger bag because we try to fill up all that space. By bringing a smaller bag, you are forced to bring your utmost essential items.


Tip #2 – Carefully consider the clothes/items you bring.

By this, I mean the versatility, the thickness, the weight, the usefulness, the materials, and the quality.

For example, for warmer places, in terms of materials, linen is light and breezy. For the cold, choose smart or merino wool, as they are lightweight, but keep you extra warm! Organic cotton is another good one, and it dries quickly if you plan on washing your clothes during your trip.

Also, bring clothes that you can mix and match. *Capsule wardrobe anyone?* Bring items that can have multiple purposes, such as a light scarf or sarong, which can double as a bag, a cover up, a light blanket, a towel, etc. Your clothes need to be durable and require minimal effort.


Tip #3 – Do not bring “unnecessary” toiletries.

Wherever you are staying - an Airbnb, hostel or a hotel - toiletries are usually included. You can always call to make sure. *Many times, I would pack toiletries and a towel, and never used them because they were complimentary.*

AND if you do not mind like I do, bring an all-purpose liquid soap that can be used for your body and hair.


Tip #4 – Bring powder/sheets of laundry detergent.

For long trips, a rule of thumb is to bring only a week’s worth of clothes and wash them during your trip. *This is when the quality and materials of your clothes come into play.*

Depending on where you are staying, you can ask management to wash your clothes for an extra fee, or simply put, you can wash them yourself by hand or machine. Powder detergent or detergent sheets are also more convenient as they are lighter and easy to carry.


Tip #5 – Bring no or minimal make-up.

Make-up, make-up, make-up.

This may or may not be very difficult to do for us, but bring only your essentials. When travelling, especially to a hot place, I try to avoid bringing makeup. PERIOD.

My go-to is mascara; that’s it! Try to figure out what items you can go without for a small period of time. It will also do wonders to your skin. Moreover, try to use multi-purpose products, such as bronzer that can be used as eye shadow, or lipstick that can also add a little color to your cheeks, or act as a creamy eye shadow.


Tip #6 – Pick and choose.

Lay all your items on the floor and ask yourself why you are taking it; if you come up with what-if scenarios or if you plan on only using them ONCE, they are not necessities and you should avoid bringing it.


Tip #7 – Use packing cubes or double up your bags.

Packing cubes are great for organizing your luggage, as you can easily separate your items and stack these cubes on top of one another! When using a bag, use different size pouches to separate your items, and put smaller pouches in bigger pouches.


Tip #8 – Roll your clothes.

This takes up less space and does not wrinkle your clothes as much as folding *if you did not know already.*


Tip #9 – Stick your socks and underwear inside your shoes.

If you plan on bringing an extra pair of shoes, this will truly maximize your space.


Tip #10 – Wear your bulkier items on your flights.

I hope this proved to be useful. Test these and see what works for you. Keep track of what you pack and what you don’t use as often, or think about items that can be easily substituted, and adjust for your next trip!


What other packing tips do you have? Please share!

And bon voyage!


Stay real,



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