Vacation Time: Work, Travel and Why It’s Hard to Have It All

I haven’t really travelled much in the past four years, and like every other recent graduate, I would sell my soul for the opportunity.

Yes, I’m very fortunate to live in a metropolitan city and I’m even more excited about being able to work in my field. But...we all want what we can’t have.

I’m desperate to see the Greek and Turkish ruins, climb the mountains in Hawaii and walk the neon-lit streets of Japan. Understandably, these experiences are very costly and more than that, they take up time that I can’t spare at the moment because I’m trying to hustle.

So I’ve been faced with choices: Do I allow myself to scroll through instagram longingly? Do I listen to my friends’ describe their life-changing adventures with a bitter smile? I make changes so that I can find a healthy balance between the work I love and travel I crave?

Here are the 4 major steps I’m taking to move me closer towards my goals, get out a little this summer and not compromise my ambition.


1. Your jealousy is real, but you make your own reality.

I’m incredibly, insatiably envious of everyone on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat that posts a picture of beach. Any beach. I’ll be sitting at my desk and catch a glimpse between emails thinking, “A bikini is acceptable work attire…”

All jokes aside, I just keep telling myself that I’ll get there one day.

If travel is a priority to you, you will make it happen. Be genuinely happy for your friends, maybe exchange old travel stories and grab tips on where to go next. You’ll find yourself where you want to be one day and that day will be unbelievably astounding.


2. Celebrate your small victories

Long-weekends are the bread and butter of the travel-deprived. It may not be a beach on the coast of Monaco or the Barcelona nightlife but enjoy your summer where you can!

Take a camping trip, travel to a beach club, visit a historical location in your hometown or drive to a metropolis nearby!

Visit your friends in other cities and plan group trips to split the cost!

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.


4. Value the art of the Staycation

Sometimes staying can be its own form of heaven, as we all know well.

Don’t change out of your pj’s. Work from home or take the day off. Order in. Watch movies. Read a book.

Self-love and a little isolation from the rest of the busy world is it’s own monumental experience.

I find we don’t take these days enough and everytime I remember to make time for them I becomes easier to breathe and move forward.


5. Money must be funny in a rich man’s world

ABBA knew what’s up. Vacation’s cost SO MUCH. And yes, there are more expensive and less expensive vacations but overall it is always a decent (and more than anticipated) chunk of your paycheck.

Easiest solution? Save.

It’s slow and annoying and takes TIME but a little bit every month in a savings account brings you closer and closer.

It never hurts and it’s always smart. Take the plunge and buy one less latte a day! You know and I know it’s a good investment.


Overall, I hope you have an amazing summer and I’d love to hear all about your adventures!


Feel free to DM or connect on insta at @deannajvd

Let me know if any of this is helpful and update me on your most amazing travel experiences!