In this Contemporary World, We Travel Through Art

 Photo by Eve Bastien

Photo by Eve Bastien

Traveling is too often associated with physical movements and has become a materialist consumption.  

For me, traveling is way more than that; It’s a psychic exploration.

I have always been immersed in Contemporary Art. Growing up in an environment of art collectors and artists, I definitely developed my own conception of escape at a very young age.

As a kid, I loved to find some animals hidden in paintings. Depending on perspectives or my own state of my mind, I wouldn’t find the same figures. Understanding this concept of art brought me a sense of security and quickly I started to create my safe space.

I remember the discussions with my brother, my cousin and I with few artists and collectors: It felt like they could understand our worlds. Questioning the three of us on and on, they were feeding our reflections. Helping us detailing our travels.

This particular education definitely had a great impact on the person I have become. Through Art, I have learned that being authentic, different and standing tall for your craziest ideas would help you to stay true to yourself. Indeed, every piece of Art that brings up your feelings has a piece of yourself hidden. It’s only up to you to explore this journey and nourish these special connections with your inner-self.

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"... every piece of Art that brings up your feelings has a piece of yourself hidden."

I believe that Art makes you travel far beyond another continent, its stimulates your imagination through all your senses.

It leads you to create your duplication of the world.

In parallel to reality.

Stay real,