5 summer reads

oh heyyyyyy internet crawlerzzzz what is gooooooood. 

Montreal is undergoing a heat wave LIVE. So I am safely indoors, surrounded by AC, a fan, cucumber slices on my face, and a good read in hand. 

I wanted to share some books that have brought to my mind new perspectives and emotions. In no particular order, here's a list of  five great books I hold dear: 



1. Ego is the Enemy by Ryan holiday

This is my current read. It's short and to the point, and serves as a good reminder to be conscious of how the ego constantly tries to dominate our thoughts to the point where we can't tell the difference anymore. Ryan incorporates famous examples, both modern and historical, of people who have "succeeded" by society's standards but let their ego inflate to their demise. 

I often find myself getting lost in my thoughts, creating unnecessary scenarios and worries that are not real at all. 

This book is a good reminder to be happy through the process of going though life, rather than building up expectations for some end-goal or external reaction. 


2. Pachinko by Min Jin lee

Okay, this one is a tear jerker. It follows the life of a Korean family going through Japanese colonization, both world wars, the Korean war, to settling in the ghettos of Japan where they were under severe discrimination. 

I have this guilt inside of me for being detached from my country's history as I grew up in North America. This book really hit home with me as I not only learned a lot about the historical events, but it gave an unfiltered depiction of Korean reality, making me all the more proud and grateful for my ancestry. Even if you're not Korean, this book is relatable as the central theme is about a family's unconditional love and sacrifice.  


3. Unbearable lightness of being by Milan Kundera

Uhhh okay this is another tear jerker. (my taste in books and movies lean toward the sad feels end of the spectrum.)

Kundera depicts the crazy mess yet simplicity of being in love. This book enters the mind of a man who falls madly for a much younger woman, but he can't explain why she has such a hold on him. It penetrates his most personal thoughts, and in the end I still couldn't decide if I felt empathy or disgust... 

For the hopeless romantic, I highly recommend. 


4. Reincarnation blues by Michael Poore

Lol I just realized as I'm writing this that the books follow a trend of sadness and love, as this one is also about sadness and love. 


Reincarnation blues is about what happens to every living creature after they die. In this book, we arrive by a river where Death herself greets us and determines what we will be born into next, depending on how well we lived this life, echoing the samsara principle of Hinduism. 

Well anyways, in this book a guy falls in love with Death and so he tries to find a way to stay forever in this limbo state between re-birth and death so he can be with her forever. 


5. What I know for sure by Oprah Winfrey

Would a book list be complete without one by Oprah? No. Of course not. 

So much wisdom and simple words that calm the mind here. A great reminder to live in the present, be grateful, and be true to oneself and others. 

This one is good to pick up and read a few lines here and there, like a healthy snacc for the mind. 


Those were the five I wanted to share today. I would love to hear your recommendations and add them to my list!

Thank you guys. 


Stay real,