Dear Denim Blue,

Dear Denim Blue,

I am sure someone already told you: “We are never satisfied with how we look, we always seek to attain our ideal body image.”

We pretend that is not true, and try to prove it wrong. But as we look at our reflection in the mirror, we do everything else than appreciate our appearance. We understand the importance of practicing a “body positive” philosophy, but we have to accept that we might not be there yet.

Trust me, this ride is so much valuable to be happier every day. Let yourself enter into this journey, and keep in mind: Happiness starts by feeling good in our body!

Here is my story as an example, and a few takeaways to embrace your journey:

Dear Denim Blue_ 1. Aknowledge your body (1).jpg

Acknowledge your body 

For me, my biggest complex is to see myself in jeans. Yep, never had the denim blues!

Why?  As many women, I am not in peace with my lower curves, and I am generally tempted to conceal them by wearing dresses and skirts. It took me several years to accept my body the way it is.

You can try as many diets as you want: Vegan, paleo or the new trendy one keto diet, but you can’t change your body frame type. Screw perfection! The best way to moderate fluctuation in your weight is to have a healthy and respectful relationship with your body. Listen to yourself and your needs: If sometimes a run and a chocolate ice cream as a post-training snack can make you glow, why not run to the ice cream truck?

Dear Denim  Blue_2.Rise to the Challenge (1).jpg

Rise to the challenge

As I mentioned, jeans are not my go to #ootd, but on others I love it: I think it’s a flattering fit. It’s a paradox and it’s absurd!  It definitely showed me to challenge myself to be able to evolve within my “body positive” approach. This is why I took a up the one jeans a week challenge; a concrete way to learn how to love my body. So far it works, and I never thought it would make me blush so much.

Dear Denim Blue_3.Keep it up everyday.jpg

Keep it up every week.

Balance is key and consistency leads you through the path of self-love. Believe in you, just be you every day!

Stay real,