Short hair? Don’t care!

We are told to let things go, but how? Isn’t it difficult to stop from the day to the next to accord any attention on a certain situation that we constantly thought about for so long? How can you actually unhooked from this cyclical state of mind where you are always analyzing more in depth what you could have done to avoid your last breakup, your interview for your dream job that did not go as planned or changed your diagnosis?

For me, I need a concrete act to let it out any kind of frustration over a situation that I no longer have control on, as a symbol of the final stage of this period of my life. And then, move on to better things with a fresh state of mind.

Any kind of little ritual that will make you feel slightly different and pleased you are welcomed, like starting a new morning routine or introducing the gipsy style to your wardrobe! As for me, my hairstyle is always a symbol of new beginnings. I like to think of it as a small rebellion over myself to shift my mind away. From brunette to blond, short to long, curly to straight, it’s hard to guess my true nature. Indeed, I don’t have any. We all have a unique personality, but should we not stop ourselves to evolve everyday?  Such as we changed and re-changed our nature according to the experiences that we faced.

Let it out, let it go, have the courage to do these small revolutions to move forward and never look back! You will see at the end, you will only focus on what you can takeaway from any “fiasco” as it will make you growth.

Now, if I ask you: “Short hair?”

Don’t care!

Stay real,