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Dahye Jung | @heydahye

Dahye is the founder ThatsRealTalk.com in January of 2018, a platform created out of her desire to use the internet as a tool to empower women from all walks of life by sharing authentic stories and tips. Currently a university student in Montreal, Canada, she combines her business knowledge and blogging experience to create content she is passionate about. She loves traveling, photography, and fashion- don't hesitate to message her about any of these! 


Simone Lussier | @sissie.lussier

Currently a student at John Molson School of Business in Marketing, Simone is a contributor who focuses on self-love. She grew up in an environment where women took the lead. She has been influenced to never let anything stop her from pursuing her dreams. She is also a fashionable yogi who loves food and wine tasting. You will see her walking down the Mile-end’s streets with her yoga mat and her standard poodle by her side. Oh and she truly believes that magic does happen!




deanna duxbury | @deannajvd

Deanna is a writer and young professional living her best life in Montreal, Quebec. She received her Bachelors of Arts in Literature from McGill University and is originally from Toronto (unless you’re actually from Toronto, because she’s really from the GTA). She works in Communications and Media but also has a passion teaching for Barre Ballet classes. She has written for a variety of different publications on art, travel, career insights, entertainment and student living while also holding editorial and executive positions in journalism and media. She is always ready to recommend a good book and loves to chat about fitness, food, travel and fashion. Actually, she just loves to chat in general so feel free to say hello!

carmen luk | @devotedtoyou




sirin chaker | @sirinchakerdds

Sirin is a mom and a dentist who’s always excited to discuss her biggest two passions in life: Women Empowerment and Oral Health. She strives for compassionate dentistry and believes in raising awareness about oral health in creative ways. When she’s not talking about teeth, you can find her reading with her daughter or trying to perfect a new recipe in the kitchen.

She also enjoys photography and shares her dental work through her Instagram and Facebook page. Follow along for dental related tips with a dash of inspiration and motherhood. 

natalie lai | @natalielaii

Natalie is a Toronto based blogger who, since graduating with an English Literature degree, found herself hopping between retail jobs until finally landing an office job. One day, she wants to break into the fashion industry, but for now, she likes to visit unique boutiques and discover cute cafes around Toronto with her point and shoot. She’s your tall, quirky friend who invites you to local zine fairs and loves to either catch up with you over Chatime, or while thrifting together for some vintage levi denim at Black Market!



shanice tadeo | @eversoslow

Shanice is a contributor that strongly believes in sustainable and slow fashion. Being interested in the fashion industry, she learned to sew at the age of 9, and leisurely created her own designs. She soon turned that interest into a passion for change. She started using her sewing skills to transform recycled/pre-loved pieces into something new. Shanice is continuously learning about different organizations’ ecological and social footprint. With the fashion industry being one of the biggest polluters, she wants to show that you can still be fashionable without the expense of the environment and/or societies. Her objectives are to get the readers thinking, spark a conversation, share ideas, but most importantly, learn from and be part of building a community of intelligent, supporting women.

You can find her exploring new places, reading, doing yoga, or working on her next up-cycling project!

andra armasu | @andrashmanda




Living her dream in the Land of Cherry Blossoms, Japan, Jennifer is on a mission to reduce her green footprints in her day-to-day routine. She believes that small step goes a long way and that life is our best teacher. She used to live in London and Shanghai for a couple of year as an international student studying Events Management at University of Huddersfield. Currently, she is working as an English Preschool Teacher and she knows the real struggle in balancing a healthy diet with work. She is looking forward to share her side of the story. During her free time she likes visiting art museums, painting skies, exploring unique cafes and doing hot yoga!

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